Housemate’s throat slashed

A Dandenong man slashed the neck of a house-mate who woke him up and harassed him for a ride to nightclubs in the CBD, a court has heard.
Geretharan Srikanathan, a 32-year-old Sri Lankan asylum seeker, lashed out with two box-cutter knives against three men – who he later told police were his “friends”.
He severed an artery in the neck of one of the victims who as a result was admitted to intensive care.
The man, who was also cut to the head and chest, underwent exploratory surgery to check there was no damage to a main artery.
Another man’s chest and arm were slashed during the fight at Srikanathan’s home on 17 February.
Srikanathan appeared on a custody video-link, pleading guilty to two counts of intentionally causing injury at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on 19 March.
He had been in Australia as an “illegal maritime arrival” on a bridging visa for six years, the court heard.
According to police, the fight erupted hours after the men started drinking together at 5pm.
Srikanathan left the gathering to go to sleep in the lounge room at 8pm. He was then forcibly awoken by the other men at 11pm who wanted to be driven into the city, the court heard.
Srikanathan refused, telling them he wasn’t in a fit state to drive.
After further harassment, he reached for box cutters and “without warning” lashed out at the men, police told the court.
Srikanathan claimed to police he had been wanting to avoid the other men who were badgering him to drink earlier that day.
One of the men had climbed on top of him as he was awoken, Srikanathan claimed. He pleaded for them to leave him alone and leave his home.
“I knew I was going to cut them because my anger level has gone up,” he allegedly said.
Shocked by what he’d done, he changed his bloodied clothes and surrendered himself with the knives to Dandenong police station a short time later, the court heard.
He told police that “I just sliced my house-mate up”.
Magistrate Jack Vandersteen noted the man faced a “significant sentence” despite his early guilty plea and frank admissions.
Srikanathan will appear by video link at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on 9 April for sentencing.