Alleged people smuggler smiles, gets bail

AN alleged people smuggler has been arrested at Melbourne International Airport while trying to leave Australia, federal police say.

Adin Armin, 40, was charged over being involved in smuggling 15 people on boats from Indonesia to Australia between 2010 and 2013.

He faces one count of aggravated people smuggling and three counts of people smuggling under the Commonwealth’s Migration Act.

At a Melbourne Magistrates’ Court hearing on 11 January, the Mill Park man smiled and thanked the court as he was granted bail.

He had been arrested at the airport the night before, according to federal police.

Prosecutors did not oppose bail on condition that Armin lived at a fixed address, reported  three times a week to police, surrendered his passport, did not leave Australia or attend international departure points, and did not contact prosecution witnesses.

Commander Glen McEwan, of Australian Federal Police’s disruption and deterrence task group, later said the arrest served as a “strong warning” – even to those involved in people smuggling several years ago.

“We know there are people in Australia and abroad who believe they have avoided the law for their crimes,” Commander McEwen said.

“The message is simple – those who seek to facilitate and profit from an industry that exploits vulnerable people and is inherently dangerous remain firmly in our sights.”


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